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[FSN] World in Conflict: Soviet Assault (2009/ENG/Full RIP)
World in Conflict: Soviet Assault (2009/ENG/Full RIP)

World in Conflict: Soviet Assault (2009/ENG/Full RIP)
Year: 2009 | PC Game | Developer: Massive Entertainment | Publisher: Ubisoft Entertainment | 7,13 GB
Genre: Strategy (Real-time) / 3D

Strategy World in Conflict has shaken the foundations of the genre, offering a fresh perspective on familiar pastimes. In it the players do not have to expend energy on uniform base construction and mining of scarce resources - instead of the virtual commanders from the first minute rush in a furious battle. The passions and the crazy dynamics of action exceeded all expectations, and such a great breakthrough did not go unnoticed. Many eminent publication called World in Conflict best strategy for 2007.
Supplement World in Conflict: Soviet Assault will debut on PC and next-generation consoles, continuing the events of the original game. Her script narrated on the treacherous invasion of Soviet troops on the territory of the United States. Now you have the unique opportunity to look at the Drama (Drama) quadratic conflict from a different angle! If the first part you defend the United States, you can now take command of the army of the USSR and head offensive

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Recommended System requirements:
- OS / OS: Windows ® XP SP2, Windows ® Vista
- Processor: Core 2 Duo / Athlon X2 64 3 GHz
- RAM: 2 GB
- Video / Video: 512 MB DirectX 9 compatible
- Hard drive space: 7 GB free space
- Sound card: compatible with DirectX ® 9.0c
- Mouse and keyboard.

- A new story campaign. Stand on the side of the Soviet Union and the Red Banner obrushte iron fist of troops to the kingdom of decaying kapitalizma.Drama (Drama) ism events underscore the vivid images of the main characters and a great game of professional actors. On the unpredictability and intensity of the script World in Conflict: Soviet Assault will give odds to many films!
- Unknown Horizons collective battles. Improved and expanded network mode gives new opportunities to all fans of collective battles. They are waiting for a duel and team fighting in battles Domination, Tug-of-War and Assault.
- Role play. Each participant in a collective battle has a role. One controls the infantry, the other - armored vehicles, artillery, managed third and fourth aircraft is subject. Skillfully coordinating actions, you can turn the truly brilliant tactical operations.
- An unprecedented passions. Do not pull on the rubber - into the battle! You do not need to waste precious minutes on the construction of bases and research. Fierce battles begin with the first frame, and your job - quickly and competently consider tactics.
- Present arms. The opposing sides are using real-life tanks, planes, trucks and even nuclear bombs!
- Stunning graphics. Technology Masstech skillfully uses the capabilities of DirectX 10, will realize the incredible lighting effects and full control over your virtual camera.
- Total annihilation. The war with the most modern weapons do not leave behind nothing alive. Explosions turn to dust the house, uproot trees and leave scars on the ravaged land.
- Suitable for all! In the management of World in Conflict: Soviet Assault for a few minutes understand even a novice player, and swiftness of action makes the project great fun for the fans of various genres.

Features RIP:
- Do not cut
- Video recoded to a lower bitrate
- Set in its own folder
- Author RIPa Skullptura

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Reklam Yasaktır!filesonicReklam Yasaktır!/file/4040786775/WiConflict_Rip.part01.rar
Reklam Yasaktır!filesonicReklam Yasaktır!/file/4040786785/WiConflict_Rip.part02.rar
Reklam Yasaktır!filesonicReklam Yasaktır!/file/4040786795/WiConflict_Rip.part03.rar
Reklam Yasaktır!filesonicReklam Yasaktır!/file/4040786805/WiConflict_Rip.part04.rar
Reklam Yasaktır!filesonicReklam Yasaktır!/file/4040786815/WiConflict_Rip.part05.rar
Reklam Yasaktır!filesonicReklam Yasaktır!/file/4040786825/WiConflict_Rip.part06.rar
Reklam Yasaktır!filesonicReklam Yasaktır!/file/4040786835/WiConflict_Rip.part07.rar
Reklam Yasaktır!filesonicReklam Yasaktır!/file/4040786845/WiConflict_Rip.part08.rar
Reklam Yasaktır!filesonicReklam Yasaktır!/file/4040786855/WiConflict_Rip.part09.rar
Reklam Yasaktır!filesonicReklam Yasaktır!/file/4040786865/WiConflict_Rip.part10.rar
Reklam Yasaktır!filesonicReklam Yasaktır!/file/4040786875/WiConflict_Rip.part11.rar
Reklam Yasaktır!filesonicReklam Yasaktır!/file/4040786885/WiConflict_Rip.part12.rar
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Reklam Yasaktır!filesonicReklam Yasaktır!/file/4040786915/WiConflict_Rip.part15.rar
Reklam Yasaktır!filesonicReklam Yasaktır!/file/4040786925/WiConflict_Rip.part16.rar
Reklam Yasaktır!filesonicReklam Yasaktır!/file/4040786935/WiConflict_Rip.part17.rar
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